When do you restock your site?

We restock our site Fridays at 6 PM EST. Each week the inventory varies with what we have available. Shipping your orders in a timely manner is important, so we only list what our team can safely ship in two days.

Should I select PRIORITY EXPRESS shipping?

Currently, the USPS is experiencing delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Priority Express is the only guaranteed shipping method USPS offers.

**If your package was sent standard priority, and is lost in transit, or taking quite some time to arrive, please contact your local USPS for assistance.

**We are unable to offer refunds or replacements due to shipping delays or damages.

Can I pick this up locally? 

We are happy to accommodate contact-less curbside pick up. Please email us with your order number, and let us know what date and time you would like to pick-up. Once your order had been picked up, we will refund shipping.

Do you offer heat packs?

For the safety of your plants, if it’s still cold, please wait until warmer weather to purchase, or have us hold your order.

We do thoroughly insulate our plants, and have had no issues, but it’s always safer to wait.

How do you ship your plants?

All of our plants are carefully packaged and secured in their boxes to arrive in the same condition they left in. 

Our plants will be shipped semi-bare root- this means there will be minimal soil on the roots, and they will be wrapped to hold in a bit of moisture. We recommend potting them as soon as they arrive.

What type of soil is best for my plants?

We recommend a soil with a slow release fertilizer, a peat base to absorb moisture, and ample perlite for great drainage. For aroids, we suggest adding orchid bark as well. Roots need an aerated soil to help with growth and to make sure there's not too much moisture being held. 

 How do you grow your plants?

Many of our plants are purchased from local growers that we've been able to form lasting relationships with to get the best quality plants available.  A very small selection of plants are grown by us. Space is limited here and our walk-in greenhouses only allow so much space. 

All of our plants are well cared for while they are in our garden/ greenhouses as they await the lucky day they go to their new home. 

***Our garden has become a safe home for many of natures creatures. We absolutely treat for pests very regularly and take the health of our plants seriously. We do enjoy the many caterpillars we have throughout the garden, and sometimes you may have a leaf or two that has been nibbled. We apologize for the cosmetic damages, and hope that you will embrace the ecosystem we're creating for all of our wanted inhabitants. 

When do you ship?

All of our plants are shipped priority 2-3 day shipping to make sure your plants arrive as safe and fast as possible. Shipping happens Monday-Wednesday the week following your order. We want to make sure your plants arrive before the weekend. 

***Priority Express shipping is available, and highly recommended.  

How does shipping work with multiple plants?

If I am able to combine your plants into fewer boxes safely, I can refund the shipping overages to you. This will generally affect orders with 3+ plants. I am not able to assess for shipping refunds until I print labels for shipment.

Will I receive the plant that is pictured?

Some of the listings represent the exact plant being offered. For others, the photos are representations of a similar plant you will receive. Each listing shows pictures of multiple plants, to give you a better idea of the plants available. Size, variegation, and coloring will vary from leaf to leaf and from plant to plant. 

How do I care for my plants?

The majority of the plants we offer are tropical. These plants will thrive best in spaces with filtered light, or bright indirect light. Direct sun will be harmful for most of the plants we offer, unless early morning, or late afternoon.

Humidity is a key factor for tropical plants. Having a humidifier, will improve their growth.

*Make sure to bring these plants indoors when the temperature gets to 50 degrees or below.

How do I contact you?

If you still have questions after reading the FAQ's and your plant listing, the best way to contact us is by email at plantsandpamperin@gmail.com.